Protection of Pornography Fic


I wrote this for Giogio's challenge to write smut in response to the governments recent Protection from Pornography week. The picture that inspired this fic is below. Much thanks to Nancy and Karen for their wonderful betas.

Josh scanned the club from his position against the wall. The party was in full swing. He really hated these things. And the fact that this was a costume party did nothing to salve his bad mood. At least he'd chosen a comfortable costume. Neo from the first Matrix movie was an insanely easy one for Josh to throw together. He already had the knee-high boots, black pants and black shirt. The trench he'd borrowed from a guy at work. The only difference from his normal way of dressing was that he had to slick back his hair. He kept trying to run his hands through it, always managing to stop short of touching the stuff that he'd used to try to flatten his wavy hair to his head. He really hated dressing up.

To make matters worse, there was no sign of his best friend James, who had promised that he would be there right at nine o'clock. Josh looked at his watch: 9:46. Pulling out his cell he speed-dialed James.


"Dude. It's almost ten. Where the fuck are you? Don't tell me you're not coming. Do not do this to me."

"Josh, calm down. I got hung up at work, then had to go home and change. I'm pulling into the lot right now."

Josh leaned against the wall in relief. "So what's your costume? You never did tell me."

"Nope. I didn't."

"And are you going to tell me?"

James laughed. "Nope. You'll see soon enough."

"This place sucks. Remind me why we're here."

"It doesn't suck. You like the music, occasionally, and I wanted to come to the costume party."

"Not sure that's a good enough reason."

"Deal. If I had to sit through that horrible, long, boring, baseball game, you can handle a few hours in costume at my favorite club. Damn, you're high maintenance."

"Good thing we're not dating then, isn't it."

"If you say so."

"I do say... Oh, fuck."


"Brad. Brad's here. And you're not. Fuck, he's spotted me."

"Josh, calm down, I'm in the club and headed for you."

"But he's gonna get to me first. Then he's going to hit on me and then I'm going to have to find some nice way to turn him down. I hate this. This is the reason I don't go to clubs."

"Breathe, Josh. I can see you, I'll be right there."

"Don't hang up, keep talking. That way I can pretend that this is a very important phone call."

"I won't hang up, don't worry."

Josh winced as Brad sidled up to him. He was dressed as Aladdin.

"Hey, you look mighty tasty as Neo."

"Hold on a second, lover." Josh said into the phone, ignoring James' snort. "Hi Brad. Um, if you don't mind, I'm talking to my boyfriend." Turning away from Brad, Josh started talking again, "Sorry about that. So, where were we? Oh, right, sure, your place tonight is great."

Brad leaned in again, "Oh! Got lucky finally, did you? Way to go. Want a third for tonight?"

"Um, ah, no. Really. Nice offer. But, um, no."

James said, "Tell him we're exclusive."

Turning to Brad, Josh stammered, "We're, um, we're exclusive."

Brad laughed. "Good thing I'm not picky. We can all get together then."

Josh started as an arm came from behind him and wrapped around his waist. Lips caressed his neck.

"Sorry I'm late." James said, taking the phone out of Josh's hand and turning it off.

Josh wrapped his arm around James' shoulder and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Thought you'd never get here."


"Hi, James."

"Brad, Josh already told you that we're exclusive. Perhaps you should look elsewhere for your entertainment." James didn't try to hide the cold tone in his voice.

Brad pouted, pivoted on the heel of his pointed Aladdin shoes and left.

Josh sagged against James. "Thank you so much. I was running out of things to say."

Giving him a squeeze James replied, "Don't worry. That should keep him off your case for a while."

"Lemme get a look at your costume." Josh stepped back from James. He couldn't believe his eyes.

James had spiked his blond hair and lined his eyes with artfully smudged black eyeliner. He had on a tight black t-shirt. And a kilt. With old battered Docs.

"You," Josh started, "kilt."

James grinned. "Yes, Josh, I'm wearing a kilt."

"Kilt. Legs. Kilt."

"Uh-oh. I think I've broken you." James laughed.

Josh stared. "Kilt." He paused, "Regimental?"

"Of course! I'm going for authenticity here!"

Something inside Josh snapped. All the months of hanging out with James, going to the movies, sharing meals, bitching about the lack of decent boyfriends, all came to a head. Seeing James in the kilt, knowing he was wearing nothing underneath was more than he could take.

Grabbing James' arm, Josh dragged him toward the back door.

"Hey! Wait! What're you doing?" James tried to break out of Josh's grip, but there was no way Josh was going to let go now.

Once at the door, Josh pushed it open and dragged James outside behind him.

"Okay. What the fuck is going on here?" James demanded.

Josh pushed him against the wall. "Kilt."

Rolling his eyes James said in a calm and placating tone, "Yes, Josh. I am wearing a kilt."

Frustration building, Josh gave up on words and leaned in.

Kissing James was something he'd never imagined. Now he couldn't think of why he hadn't thought of doing this before. Hot, slick. Josh started when James nibbled on his lip and then dove back in for more.

They continued to kiss as Josh worked his hands up James' thighs under the kilt. Up, up, and, sure enough, James was as good as his word.

He started stroking James' cock. James moaned in his mouth.

"Yeah, Josh, yeah. Keep that up. So good. Been wanting this."

"Oh yeah," Josh managed to gasp between kisses.

James reached down and unzipped Josh's pants. Moaning, Josh backed away from James to allow him better access.

They kept kissing as they worked each other's cock. James bit Josh again, this time harder than before.

"Not going to last," Josh mumbled.

"Me neither."

Josh sped up his strokes, bringing his other hand down to play with James' balls. The resulting noises almost pushed Josh over the brink.

"God, yeah," James moaned as he tightened his grip on Josh's cock.

That was all it took to set off Josh's orgasm. He let out a quiet moan as he came all over James' hand, his own hands slowing down their assault on James.

Giving him a smug look, James slowly licked his hand clean.

Gasping, Josh dropped to his knees. He swallowed James in one quick move. Working his way up and down his cock, Josh could hear James chanting, "Josh, Josh, Josh."

Slipping a finger into his mouth, Josh sucked on it for a moment and then slid it back behind James' balls to press at his asshole. James bucked into his mouth.

"Please, please," James begged.

Sliding his finger slowly into James, Josh increased the suction and flicked his tongue against the tip of James' cock.

"Oooooohhhhhhh yeah!" James moaned as he came, pulsing in Josh's mouth.

Josh swallowed, slid his finger out of James and stood up. He leaned forward for a kiss. This time the kisses were softer.

"So, you liked my costume, eh?" James asked.

"Oh, yeah. In a big way. In case that wasn't entirely clear."

"Good. I was hoping for some kind of reaction from you." James chuckled, leaning against Josh, "But this was far better than I expected."

"You were expecting a reaction?" Josh asked. "What do you mean?"

"Josh, think back on the last few months. We've been dating."

"We have?"

"Who've you spent the most time with?"

Josh smiled, "You."

"Who do you spend your weekends with?"

"You," Josh laughed. "Ok, I'm clueless sometimes."

"That's just one of the things I adore about you." James gave him a soft kiss.

"Wanna go back to the party? Or do you wanna go to your place and have wild monkey sex?"

James laughed, "Wild monkey sex, please!"

"Good." Josh zipped up his pants and grabbed James' hand. "Let's go."


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